UNIMY is a unique and special university. It is the first boutique university in the country specialising just in computing and information and communication technology (ICT).

These fields of study can be considered as crucial components that form the engine of growth in the development of a nation. Therefore, in anticipation of increased demand for highly qualified and professionally trained workforce in these disciplines, then it is definitely become our main concern and motivation.

As a specialised and focused university, our aim is to educate and train highly qualified students to become computing professionals that are industry-ready and internationally recognised.

Established in October 2012, UNIMY is the result of an innovative public-private partnership involving the Ministry of Education and a public-listed company specialising in ICT, Prestariang Berhad.

UNIMY is proud to have a very dedicated team of highly qualified academic staff, and supported by equally capable and talented management and technical staff.

As far as UNIMY is concerned, industrial engagement and global partnership is not an option. Major international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Huawei, Autodesk and the prestigious School of Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia are our partners and collaborators. They are all actively involved during our early formation and continue to provide support in our on-going development.

As a newly established university, UNIMY is committed to explore existing and unfamiliar areas of research, but certainly, in line with the global trends, national ICT agenda and other related initiatives. Research for knowledge creation and academic excellence is important for any university. However UniMy, together with our industrial partners, is prepared to the challenge of commercialising research outputs that hopefully will bring benefits to the community and country.

I am very excited with opportunities that are available out there. We would like to welcome you to be part of this very vibrant, fresh and promising University. UNIMY is not just another university, we are different. Together, let us drive the future.

Prof. Datuk Dr. Khairuddin Ab Hamid
Professor of Electronic Systems Engineering
Vice Chancellor
University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering