Another service provided to UNIMY students is transportation service for students to commute between hostels and campus. This is to ensure their safety and reduce the transportation cost from their college to the campus. Transport is also available whenever needed for student activities, provided they propose an official request in advance, with term & condition applies. UNIMY provides two types of transportation for students and staff of UNIMY:

  1. UNIMY Shuttle Bus
  2. UNIMY Van

Our bus is a 41-seater bus that transport students on routine basis everyday inclusive of weekends and public holidays. Our van is an 11-seater vehicle that is only available subject to approval.

Besides UNIMY shuttle bus service, there are also other means of transport available to move around Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and other places. Students have option to move around by buses, taxis or even trains. A well-planned public transportation system makes it easier for the residents and commuters, including our students. Furthermore, students shall find it easy to get around the city with its pedestrian streets and shaded footpaths.

There are feeder buses that run from the Putrajaya Sentral to the rest of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. These buses' schedule matches the trains' schedule for travel within the vicinity. For getting around within Cyberjaya and Putrajaya either for shopping or sightseeing, students can enjoy feeder bus services provided by MyRapid and NadiPutra that operates from 6 am to 1 am. Alternatively, students can go to nearby Putrajaya Sentral and take taxis or trains such as Light Rail Transit (LRT), intercity coaches, monorail and KLIA Express Rail (ERL).

Putrajaya Sentral is also a hub for buses traveling to most cities all over peninsular Malaysia. This offers convenience for students to travel to and from their hometowns.