UniMy AndroIT-Race 2014

With the aim of achieving one of the missions of UniMy Exclusive Foundation Club (Unix Club) which is to provide opportunity for Foundation in Computing and Engineering (FCE) students to take part in the extracurricular activity, Unix Club has their very first attempt in organizing explorace on 11 October 2014 which includes around 60 Form 4 students from nearby schools in Putrajaya which are SMK Presint 18(1), SMKA Putrajaya and Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. The winner of Adroit-Race won by group 10,students from Sekolah Alam Shah. Second place fell to Group 4,students from SMK Presint 18 (1) and third place is group 6,students from SMK Presint 18(1).

Through the success of the event, all the students are exposed to the learning environment and also lifestyle in university. Not only that, this event has also provided a chance for the FCE students to discover and have a better understanding of individual strengths and weakness within the setting group.