Konvensyen Isu-Isu Islam Semasa

On 19 November 2016, seven students from UniMy joined “Konvensyen Isu-Isu Islam Semasa” programme. This programme was held at UITM, Kampus Puncak Alam. A lot of universities around Malaysia took part in this programme. The aim of this programme is to prevent the spreading of wrong Islamic practice around universities in our country since these issues keep increasing whether in the public or private universities. Moreover, not only students were involved but lecturers also got involved into it.

The aim of the workshop was fully achieved, in which students were exposed to many new terms in the English language such as the phonetic language. The activities provided by the speaker ran successfully. Towards the end of the workshop, students were asked to choose a song and come out with an idea to perform the moral value obtained from the song, either through a skit drama or poetry. The aim of this activity was to expose students to better communication skills and language presentation through the verbal and non-verbal communication topic.

This programme was launched by YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Md. Zin, Religious Advisor for Prime Minister. There were 4 sessions of talk during that day. The first session was given by YBrs. Tuan Haji A. Karim Omar. His topic was about geo-political scenario of the world and its impact on the future of Islam. The second session was given by YBrs. Dr Mohd Afandi bin Mat Rani. He emphasized about strengthening of aqidah through moderate approach. The third session was given by Prof. Madya Dr. Arieff Salleh bin Rahman. He talked about the true jihad for Muslim and the last speaker was DCP Dato’ Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay. His topic was about the threats in our country and actions taken by the government.

Basically, this programme is a great input for everyone as a reminder to maintain peace and harmony in our country. In addition, we should always be careful about the wrong Islamic practices to prevent any consequences from these problems.

(By Wan Mohd Fadhlullah Wan Mohd Rosdi)