Intelligent systems is an expanding research area driven by the increasing integration of emerging computing technology into various application domains. Indeed, it is now definedby ACM and IEEE-Computer Society, the Joint Task Force on Computer Science Curricula 2013, as one of the 18 knowledge areas of the body of knowledge of computer science.

One of UNIMY's focus areas of research is Intelligent Systems. This is inspired by the challenges of integrating Nanotechnology and intelligent systems into Intelligent Nanotechnology. The University also explore intelligent systems applications in areas such as renewable energy, manufacturing, bioengineering, agriculture, intelligence based automation and appliances, medical robots and etc.

To prepare the undergraduates for the development, implementation and application of intelligent systems that is capable of simulating or supporting human level intelligence, the University offers a Computer Science undergraduate programme with specialization in Computational Intelligence. The University is also proposing a postgraduate programme with specialization in Knowledge Systems to better equip the students with sufficient knowledge needed to undertake scientific research.